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WIDEX MOMENT delivers the 100% pure, natural sound ever. First time hearing aid users often describe the sound as small scale sound, artificial and hearing aid hits the eardrum later than direct sound, causing deformity artifacts and a metallurgic effect. But now clients can hear like before, from the very first moment. Widex is first in the manufacturing to remove that ‘out of synch’ sound for patients with mild and moderate deafness.

Key Feature

  • Chip program : It has two clear cut signal pathways, both built on the natural sound of Widex wave processing, but remarkably different in processing speed and sound design.
  • Smallest cast iron-rechargeable: : Widex moment is available in six different styles, including the smallest rechargeable cast iron receiver-in-canal device on the market.
  • ZeroDelay Technology: It removes the false sound quality and instead creates a more natural and effective sound experience. It is also called Widex PureSound.

Widex beyond Z

The most attractive feature of BEYOND Z has its lowest power consumption of any rechargeable hearing aids, BEYOND Z is designed to provide you with the coziest and natural sound in all listening situations, while also advance speech understanding. BEYOND Z is charged within 3-4 hours which will give you all-day use

Key Feature

  • Customizable Hearing : BEYOND app, can customize the sound settings and listening preferences, use your pictures, and create a sound framework for specific listening situations.
  • Stay in charge of flow: If you have an iPhone or iPad, can stream high-quality sound directly to BEYOND Z hearing aids. It means that you can listen to where you want and what you want without any compromising on sound quality.
  • Rechargable solution: The battery in BEYOND Z holds more power than any other accumulator of its size and only takes very little time to fully recharge


The world's only truly intelligent hearing aid is WIDEX EVOKE. First its analyses your sound environment and reacts to changes for effortless, natural hearing today and every day. The WIDEX EVOKE app is designed to give you the convenience of fortuitously controlling your hearing aids through an Android device. Its key functions are like changing programs and includes Sound Sense Learn, which guides you to personalized hearing. Environment more accurately than ever to select the correct sound class is one of the most attractive features of EVOKE maps.

Key Feature

  • Outdoor hearing feature: Whether walking through the forest or strolling in the city, EVOKE helps patients experience the full, affluent sounds of the outside world
  • Eliminate wind noise with “SMART WIND Manager”: Unrestrained wind noise can make outdoor conversations testing, but SMART WIND Manager in the EVOKE compares the input between the front and back microphones to differentiate speech from the wind.
  • Permanence and accuracy: EVOKE hearing aids have the feature of an IP-68 rating, the highest level of protection against debris, dust, and water available. Reliable, sturdy, and stylish, they hold out against the elements and deliver industry-leading sound in real-life circumstances.


WIDEX EVOKE RIC 10 is the latest and smallest hearing aid from the EVOKE range. It has inbuilt using highly advanced techniques including Real-life learning. This in order strikes an high-toned balance among exclusivity and subtlety. The features such as long battery life, light design lines and natural sound make wearer feel confident as well as strenghtened by personal hearing aid functionality every day.

Key Feature

  • Fluid Sound Anaylzer: This techology automatically classifies the acoustic surroundings and thus make better processsing selections to enhance the experience in noisy environment.
  • Machine Learning: With the help of SoundSense Learn, wearer’s can optimize their hearing experience in different sound conditions. They can even examine the sound profiles in real time.
  • Real Life hearing: Users can easily hear the soft sounds and optimize itself instantenoulsy according to the listening intent of the wearer.

Widex Easywear

The superior thin tube, receiver ear- tip, and wire solution in the Easy wear from Widex. The special design of EASY WEAR means a much more comfortable fit with no sideways movement. It has a small and comfortable solution that removes sideways movement in the ear and enables it to fit without compromising the sound. That means it offers to patients with a narrow, very small or sharp bending ear canal.

Key Feature

  • Perfect fit for users: EASY WEAR thin tubes provide comfort in fitting and also no cosmetic gap between the side of the head and the ear wire.
  • Instant Ear tips: Easy wear provides improved sound, greater reliability, and integrated wax protection for less clogging:
  • Fit a wider range: The receiver is smaller and fits a much wider range including people with a smaller ear canal. The design also means a much more comfortable fit.

Hearing aids for children’s:

All hearing aid models contain a microphone to take up a sound, a processor that consider the sound and a speaker to deliver the magnify sound deep inside the ear. It can be rechargeable or disposable battery powers and the latest models also connect to devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets to allow direct delivery of sound through the hearing aid.

Key Feature

  • Infants or kids hearing aids are made to be more reliable than adult models.
  • It is always compatible with FM systems and other assistive devices to facilitate communication and learning
  • Battery size is 10 and nanocoated. Micro Model: Suitable for all age of children’s
  • Selected for minimal to moderate to severe hearing loss.
  • Micro model- behind the ear.
  • Nanocoated and battery size 10 refers. Model: Suitable for all children’s
  • The paediatric hook is available for all age groups of children.
  • FM compatible model
  • Battery size 13 for minimal to severe hearing loss. Power 19-model: Suitable for all children