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Pure 312 X

Signia has recently launched a new Hearing aids in Jaipur called Pure 312 X that has a combination of advanced acoustic and motion sensors. This device can easily learn the entire soundscape and fits the person’s movements. The complete sound will be heard in the natural way and right volume

No matter whether the wearer is in motion or rest, they can easily understand the voice from any direction; thus creating a natural hearing experience.

Key Feature

  • Bluetooth compatibility keeps connecting devices to the ears.
  • Can control all the features in one app
  • Take pleasure in crystal sound according to your activities
  • Easily understand all the sounds wherever you go

Pure Charge & Go X

Signia introduced a new hearing aid in the market named Pure Charge & Go, X. This has an inbuilt Acoustic motion sensor that offers the best sound quality even in the noisy environment.

It is best for the costumers that would not like to change the batteries again and again. The best part is that it starts charging automatically when placed in the charger. This hearing aid is made for smartphones, therefore you can easily stream music and calls directly.

Key Feature

  • Unique One Shell Design that makes it easy to use
  • Can utilize around the clock with unlimited streaming
  • Improved hearing for life when in motion
  • Designed with Lithium-ion recharge ability


The InsioNX hearing aid is designed to adjust the anatomy of ears and hearing loss. This is best for humans with severe, mild, and mold hearing. This device is extremely small but jam-packed with various features to provide high-quality sound in diverse listening environments. It is compatible with the touch Control App that can help you in remote control using phone touch or Mini Pocket Key fob size device.

Buy InsioNx from an authorized distributor of Signia hearing aid in Jaipur and maximize the self-confidence to feel everything in your life.

Key Feature

  • Tinnitus Control Option: There are five static noise type and four ocean wave signal options are available. The users can select any sound that assists them to ease tinnitus into the background.
  • Available in different types: CIC (Completely in the Canal), ITC (In the Canal) and ITE (In the Ear)
  • Ultra-High Quality e2e This aid continuously communicates with each other for offering a natural and binaural listening experience.

InsioNx ITC/ITE.

Get the most tactful natural hearing experience with complete connectivity. SigniaInsioNx/ITE provides outstanding Bluetooth connectivity with high-quality sound quality Due to the compatibility with StreamLine Mic and StreamLine TV, it can easily connect with users' smartphones, television and other streaming devices. With the help of TwinPhone, phone audion gets shared from one hearing aid to another using Ultra HD e2e function.

Buy this device from Signia hearing aid center in Jaipur and enjoy the crystal clear sound as well as matchless speech even in the noisy surroundings.

Key Feature

  • Inbuilt With Wax Guard & Windscreen: It protects the hearing aid from the ear wax. In addition, Windscreen does not allow dust particles to enter the aid and recognize the wind noise.
  • Directional Microphones With the help of the Signia app, wearer’s can zoom in on the direction that you want to hear from and can even alter the angle of front-facing focus.
  • Binaural hearing: Ear to ear data transmission with high speed among the hearing aid creates a 3D picture of the atmosphere, hence giving true surround sound.